Video Content Marketing Is More Than a Trending Topic
Posted by videoproductionsite, 01/09/2018 5:47 am

A recent national survey of businesses and consumers shows over 60 percent of companies now use video production for content marketing. In the same poll, nearly 75 percent of consumer-respondents reported how they felt videos were cogent and persuasive. After watching videos from a particular company, they felt compelled to buy a service or product.

Six Reasons Videos are Excellent for Businesses

It appears everyone is paying to get videos produced nowadays. The likely reason for that is because videos have proved profitable and versatile as marketing tools in the digital era. Videos create these favorable actions and circumstances:

Encourages sharing on social media.
Increases sales and conversions.
Attracts mobile users.
Shows excellent ROI.
Extends the time visitors stay on sites.
Builds trust.
What Is Media Buying and Planning?

A video can be phenomenal, but quality does not guarantee viewership. You want your content to get seen by an audience, and the more of that audience comprising of your target demographic, the better. That is why media buying is essential for businesses with video content. Media buying procures media real estate or inventory of prime time slots in viewable spaces.

Below are five fundamental steps that media buyers make:

Find a target market: Develop a profile of who you want to reach and makes up your desired market.
Conduct market research: Thorough investigation should show where to find your ideal customers and help you refine profile demographics. In this way, you get a solid idea of the proper media to buy. For example, is your target market made up of online communities, avid magazine subscribers, loyal television watchers? Choose which vehicles will work best in reaching your market, which could be an online video, TV commercial, or print advertisements, to name a few.

Set up investment objectives: Outlining goals is crucial to the success of your campaign. You want to ask yourself and your team what you hope to do with media buys. For example, do you want brand awareness or direct sales?

Plan a detailed strategy: Figure out specific places to shop for media that interest you. Set up a budget to divide the money needed for attaining your identified goals. Think of the different pieces you need to fit together to carry out your plan.

Execute your strategy: Contact media outlets and negotiate rates. Stay on top of deadlines. Always be mindful of how your spending and stay within your set budget if you can, unless doing so prevents you from reaching your goals.

As you carry out your plan, you may find that you need to adjust it. Keep track of your progress with media buys to align the outcomes with your desired objectives. If something works, stick with it. If you see opportunities for improvements, make changes. Continue to evaluate throughout the campaign, and you should have a successful one.

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